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Save on energy bills this winter with Draught Eze products

Our Story
Warm and Costy with under door draught excluder

Our Story 

Draught-Eze - on the door draught excluder.

In 2007 I moved into my new house which was run down, needed a lot of work and was draughty. I decided to make a draught excluder but because it wasn’t fixed to the door when we left the house and returned it was freezing. So I decided to see what I could make that would stay on the door to minmise the heat loss and I came up with a fabric on the door draught excluder.

Draught-eze is perfect rooms were there are gaps under doors and stops draughts and light pollution.

As well as keeping rooms cosy and warm it also keeps out light from others rooms. 

They are well made with very nice thick fabric lined with thermal blackout lining filled with 9oz wadding.

I have made these for family and friends, and they love them, and I hope you will to.


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18 Potacre st 

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